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To promote continuous Professional development of VHA Pharmacy Staff by providing timely and relevant evidence based medication related educational programs to support the provision of comprehensive medication management to our Nation's Veterans




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    Clinical Pharmacy Subspecialty Boot Camp

    Clinical Pharmacy Services is dedicated to educating all VA pharmacists and technicians with training programs to further their careers.

    Chronic Disease Management Training

    This is the landing page for Interprofessional Medication Information Management training

    This is the landing page for Interprofessional Medication Information Management for Prescribers and Pharmacists

    These reference tools were prepared for guidance to controlled substance coordinator to assist in identifying what is available to them in performing the controlled substance inspections as required in VHA Handbood 1108.2.  They are also available on the National Controlled Substance Coordinator share poiint -

    Under Development

    Under Development

    This course will provide advanced curriculum for Pharmacy technicians. Topics will include advance training in law, patient dosing calculations, medication history, patient interview and disease management. The course is made up of didactic courses, quizzes, forums and case studies. After completion the technician will receive a certificate for validation of completion.

    This module will give the participant the ins and outs of using the Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor’s website to order drugs and supplies.  The module takes the participants through contract compliance including the contract account, open market account and the net 30 account.  It will also give the participant the understanding to order specialty pharmaceuticals, plasma and biologics and when it is appropriate to use each of these accounts.  Creating an order in a way that will facilitate linking it to the monthly 1358 obligation, product selection and preparing and submitting an order are also covered. After completing the basics, the participant will learn to use the CSOS or controlled substance ordering system, plasma and biologic orders, managing back orders, order acknowledgement and documentation through reporting.

    Receive a certificate of training after completing the module and assessment.

    This module will take the participant though the entire 1358 workflow.  The 1358 is an accounting process that allows procurement personnel to establish a monthly budget for an on-going contract or obligation.  This module will review the basics of the creation of a 1358 obligation and the required separation of duties of the personnel, creating the 1358 obligation in VistA and moving funds into the obligation, posting daily spending activity and printing hard copies for later use in the B09 reconciliation process. 

    It will also take you through editing discrepancies, increasing and decreasing adjustments, increasing and decreasing authorizations, checking the 1358 balance and finally, closing out the 1358 obligation. 

    Receive a certificate of training after completing the module and assessment.

    This is an online quiz for Omnicell competencies

    NEW Resources Landing

    Goal: These showcase webinars  are designed  to address the knowledge gaps for pharmacy informaticists who facilitate training, education, and support for VA Healthcare facilities in regards to new informatics products, software implementation, hardware implementation, patient safety and improved efficiency in electronic medical records.