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    Welcome to Pharmacy Systems & Parameters!

    The Goal of the Pharmacy Informatics Systems and Parameters workgroup is to provide guidance and references to Pharmacy ADPACs/Informaticists and their Managers in the setup and maintenance of VistA pharmacy systems, including configurable VistA site parameters and interaction with other associated programs.

    Management of the Drug File and pharmacy site parameters is a critical element of the medication order entry and administration processes at each facility.  The accuracy & completeness of these fields impacts data retrieval, cost analysis, and drug formulary visibility to the providers. 

    Please check with your local Pharmacy ADPAC/Informaticist or Pharmacy Administration for clarification of local busisness rules and processes before making any changes.

  • Drug Enter/Edit

    This guide will explain all the fields within the Drug File (File #50). Some recomended actions are from the PBM Pharmacy Informatics Task Force - Systems & Parameters (S&P) work group members for your consideration. The functionalities discussed are those which were in effect at the time of module development (April 2013).

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    Site Parameters

    Site parameters determine the VistA Pharmacy functionality & processes.

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    Manager Menus - Other

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    The Pharmacy Data Management package provides a centralized set of tools that helps VA Medical Centers to manage drug data in their pharmacy files...