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Welcome to the Pharmacy Benefits Management Clinical Informatics (PBMCI) "one stop" Resources Career Development Center.  PBMCI learning center is aimed at enhancing the pharmacy career field and is designed to address competency and skill gaps within the VHA pharmacy community, achieve Government wide savings, identify and offer the best ongoing training for VHA, DoD, IHS and other government disciplines, and informatics technical knowledge needed to succeed, and establish a means for sharing resources across all agencies.

To ensure effectiveness, efficiency and consistence of medication management across the VA health care systems by educating, analyzing, designing and supporting the development and administration of informatics tools and systems for us by VHA local and National systems. 



Strengthen and improve the competence of the VHA/DoD/IHS pharmacy workforce that will ensure measurable support of agency strategic goals and missions, now and in the future.

Identify and provide a variety of learning modules focused on the pharmacy competency model to achieve proficiency at each appropriate level and grade.

Provide access to learning, developmental activities, individual learning plans (IDPs) and other resources, accessible through a central repository that offers multiple delivery methods and a blended learning approach.

Enhance the ability of the medical centers to provide comprehensive pharmacy training integrated across all practice settings involving the medication use process i.e. maintain and enhance professional competencies to practice in a variety of settings

Pharmacy Benefits Management and Clinical Informatics (PBMCI) supports Pharmacy Informatics, VA VistA architecture and Pharmacy Reengineering.  The program office collaborates across the VA organization to ensure safe prescription processes are implemented.  PBMCI supports the development and/or maintenance of pharmacy dashboards, data reports for clinical decision support, education and training, field communications and adherence to national VA pharmacy requirements. PBMCI also remains diligent and up to date on latest developments in the field of informatics to ensure VA is competitive and provides modern prescription services to our Veteran patients.

The Clinical Informatics Section of the Pharmacy Benefits Management Office (PBM-CI) was established in 2008 to manage and analyze data regarding the procurement, storage and dispensing of drugs and pharmaceutical supplies.  It has not only retrieved drug related data and reviewed and processed it into useful information, but has performed analysis on the data.  This analysis can assure compliance with business and regulatory processes as per current VA Handbooks, Directives and OIG and DEA policy and regulation, discover and act upon practices that could affect patient safety and enhance the organizations ability to meet benchmark clinical goals as identified by the Joint Commission and VA Management.  The section also works closely with OI&T to develop and test VistA pharmacy program patches and interface programs between VistA and types of pharmacy specific automation and robotics.  Finally, the program office contributes to enhancing informatics at the VISN and facility level and aid in succession planning by developing and offering training in a number of programs including, but not limited to Pharmacy VistA Systems, Clinical Practice, Informatics,  VA Fileman, Data Analysis using SQL, building Macros and basic MUMPs programming.

The Pharmacy Benefits Management Pharmacy Reengineering and Clinical Informatics Program Office is under the direction of Dr. Lynn Sanders, Associate Chief Consultant, Pharmacy Benefits Management, VHA, with the support of Mr. Michael Valentino, Chief Consultant, Pharmacy Benefits Management Services.

The Pharmacy Benefits Management Pharmacy Reengineering and Clinical Informatics Program Office is made up of 19 employees ranging from Pharmacist program specialists, analysts, and information management specialists that supports the VHA pharmacy informatics and automation structure throughout the VA.  In addition to the full time employees; field membership and user groups are utilized to help improve and support the many informatics and automation programs.  These user groups support our team with knowledge, up-to-date information and insight to help improve all aspects of the pharmaceutical experience for the Veteran. Accomplishments are ongoing and provide improvements of care to the Veteran Patient.

Our Mission is to promote continuous professional development of the VHA Pharmacy and Medical Staff by providing timely and relevant evidence-based medication related educational and training programs to support the provision of comprehensive medication management to Nation’s Veterans.

Provided on this site are links to valuable educational and training programs offered by the Pharmacy Benefits Management-Education Advisory Committee (PBM-EdAC) supported by the PBM-Formulary Management Program Office and the National Formulary Committee known as the Pharmacy Benefits Management-Medical Advisory Panel-VISN Pharmacy Executives (PBM-MAP-VPE). We encourage all VA Staff and our federal partners to utilize the tools provided on this site to advance and expand your knowledge base of medication management as it relates to the clinical practice.

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